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May 7, 2019, 14:50 Events,PR,Strategi by Claus

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With lily (previously “Tick-in”), the growth company HCL Nordic is aiming for the entertainment industry. HCL Nordic offers a digital platform that allows you to integrate Mailchimp with your ticketing system.

(Posted by Gudbrand Teigen,  InnoBørs- responsible)

InnoBørs-registered lily  is delivered by HCL Nordic AS, a young company that 5 years after start-up counts 5 permanent employees in addition to a handful of freelancers. The company is located in top modern premises in Asker Tek. HCL Nordic is a technology company focused on e-commerce, integrations with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, and digital communication solutions.

Cultural diversity as strength

– We are partners with Visma and Mailchimp , and we are experts on WordPress and Woocommerce. We have worked with over 300 customers specifically towards effective digital communication, and this has formed the basis for the insight and expertise we possess today, says Claus Lorentzen, who started the company in late winter 2014.

Claus Lorentzen is 38 years old and resides in Asker. He has education from both Norwegian BI and Niels Brock in Copenhagen, as well as a solid professional background that creams and recruits. In Assit’s recent award of Young Man of the Year 2018, Lorentzen became one of the top 10 young leaders of the year.

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