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As an event organizer, wouldn’t you love to be able to contact your former customers with special offers, tour dates or a hint that their favorite artist is coming to town? All of this is now possible, with the help of Tick-in®.


In early 2017, the Oslo Philharmonic contacted us regarding a need that they wanted a solution for. They wanted to be able to contact their customers via email with information about the upcoming concert they had purchased a ticket for. In addition, they wanted to send playlists from Spotify and enhance the overall experience for the customer.

When a customer purchases a ticket with Ticketmaster, they have to agree to receive information before the concert while marketing emails are optional. The customer’s email address is then saved into Ticketmaster’s database. What the Oslo Philharmonic wanted to do was to use Mailchimp* to reach these customers. However, they were missing a bridge, an integration which made this possible, without any manual interference.

Since then we have been contacted by other clients of Ticketmaster, who have also wanted access to customer’s email addresses to use for marketing and information purposes.

Thanks to great teamwork with Ticketmaster, as well as Ticketmaster’s updated privacy policy, the dream came through for the Oslo Philharmonic and many others. The result is called “Tick-in®”.

*Mailchimp is one of the world’s most popular software for newsletters and automatic emails.

What Can Tick-in® Do for You?

The competition is high, the number of artists is growing by the day, and unsold tickets can lead to the closure of venues and management. Through Tick-in® you can get access to your customers’ email addresses, transferred to your Mailchimp account, all in accordance with the law. This gives you a unique opportunity for direct marketing in order to boost your ticket sales, increase customer satisfaction and create loyalty between the organizer and audience.

There are two solutions for Tick-in®. You can choose one or both depending on your needs. Email addresses are transferred to Mailchimp in a tested data structure, with all the necessary information needed for a refined segmentation and for use in email campaigns.

  • Emails which can be used for information purposes:

This solution lets you contact customers with information regarding the event like cancellation, change of venue, parking, playlists, etc.

  • Emails which can be used for marketing purposes:

This solution lets you advertise an event, give discounts, ask customers to invite others to the event, etc.

Delete Old Mailing Lists

If you are looking for an integration between Ticketmaster and Mailchimp, we will help you delete emails you no longer are allowed to use. This will save you money on your Mailchimp subscription, and you will free up valuable time.

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You only pay for the use of the solution, based on how many customers have bought a ticket for your show, in addition to a start-up fee. Contact us today, and we will help get you started.

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Cathrine Gudesen Torp, Mailchimp expert

Cathrine Gudesen Torp,
Mailchimp expert