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Which event organizer wouldn’t love to contact previous ticket buyers with special offers, information about an upcoming tour or a hint about a favorite artist that is coming to town? All of this is now possible, with the help of lily.


The trend is unmistakable. We are willing to spend more time attending cultural events, concerts and shows and other performances. In 2018, live entertainment amounted to €50 billion on the European market and this number continues to increase by 5% every year. So, the market is definitely there: customers are more than ever willing to spend money and time to travel from home to join the show.

Yet, things are not as straightforward as it might sound. Famous artists will always perform for a full house, but for many venues and event organisers, the reality is that they continue to deliver events that they know will never sell out. What can we do about this? Should you continue arranging half-empty shows or can you take any actions to change this?

We think there is hope and that we can improve the situations. That is why lily exists. What if you start using all the data previous customers have given you when they purchased a ticket to one of your events? Too hard, you might think. Too much work, right?

It used to be too hard, and it used to be too much work. But not anymore.

What lily can do for you

With lily you can access your customers personal data quick and simple. Previously, this used to be hidden in large databases which was not easily accessible. However, as you are already using Ticketmaster to sell and distribute tickets to your events, this data is now at your fingertips.

The possibilities you can access today:

  • Get ticket buyers’ data from Ticketmaster into your existing Mailchimp account. If you haven’t signed up with Mailchimp yet, you can get started here
  • Send automatic emails to ticket buyers before an event
  • Use the data to send out text messages to ticket buyers about changes in the event, cancellations or special offers
  • Send newsletters directly to specific groups who have previously bought tickets to similar events
  • Memberships/loyalty programs which will bring you closer to your customers. Read more about loyalty programs here
  • Send automatic customer satisfaction surveys after an event

How to get started

  • As your data is already available, all you have to do is to get in touch with Ticketmaster. Alternatively, you can contact HCL Nordic by using the form at the top of this page
  • You have to have a Mailchimp account set up in order to transfer the data
  • Automatic emails can be set up by you, or HCL Nordic
  • Text message solution has to be set up by HCL Nordic

To ensure that you take full advantage of lily, we recommend that you start organizing your data correctly in your Mailchimp account as soon as you start transferring your data.

Do as many others of the biggest venues and event managements in Norway have already done – choose lily to optimize your digital marketing.

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Claus Lorentzen, CEO

Claus Lorentzen,