UPDATED: How Oslo Philharmonic Increased Their Click Rate By 330%
May 13, 2019, 14:00 Mailchimp by Hilde Haustreis

Updated February 5th, 2018

The solution we developed for Oslo Philharmonic has been live for over a month now, and the numbers are overwhelming!

In short, this communication-solution is about establishing a closer relationship with the customer after their purchase, as opposed to the more traditional way of using email marketing where the goal is to sell products to a subscriber on a mailing list. Our solution focuses on increasing product quality for the customer, as well as creating a sense of security when using Oslo Philharmonic as their provider of experiences.

We now have the results of the first four email campaigns: two of the email campaigns were sent after the customer purchased tickets for two different concerts, and the two other email campaigns were sent after attending the concert.

Email campaign 12th of January – a total of 401 receivers
Opening rate 74.1%, click rate 39.2%

Email campaign 12th of January, a new group – a total of 370 receivers
Opening rate 68.4%, click rate 35.9%

It is essential to compare these campaigns with Oslo Philharmonic’s regular newsletters. The last newsletter gave the following results: Total of 1337 receivers. Opening rate 41.3%, click rate 9.1%

This gives us reason to believe that it is easier to advertise new products and services for the customers who already have purchased something from you, so it can be worth the extra time and effort this takes. I’m not saying you should quit traditional email marketing, but maybe a new tactic can be added to your existing strategy. Good luck, and feel free to read more about the solution below:

As many of you know, Mailchimp is one of the most popular tools for sending newsletters and automatic emails. What many don’t know are the endless opportunities this software has to offer. Mailchimp lets you add coding and integrate with existing software functions, the impossible becomes possible!

We have recently launched a new and exciting solution developed in Mailchimp. The solution is a creative way of using automation and it is an inspiring example of what is possible to achieve with Mailchimp.

Oslo Philharmonic, an internationally renowned symphony orchestra, came to us with a specific, exciting and new type of need:

We need a solution for sending out information after a customer has purchased a ticket for one of our concerts.

To be more specific, when a customer purchased a ticket for a concert a month in advance they wanted a way to send this customer an email two weeks before the concert. The wanted the email to contain information about the concert; information about the venue, Oslo Concert Hall; a Spotify playlist, with music to be played during the concert; information about the composer, conductor, soloists, etc.

Traditionally, Mailchimp is used to send out manually composed newsletters, RSS or automated, general emails based on purchase history.

About the Solution

The solution is now implemented and it works like this:

  • Tickets for Oslo Philharmonic’s concerts are sold via Ticketmaster. Customer’s email addresses are stored here, with a third party.
  • Oslo Philharmonic’s account with Mailchimp is connected to Ticketmaster through an integration built by our team at HCL Nordic.
  • When a customer purchases a concert ticket from Ticketmaster, their email address and name is sent to a list in Mailchimp, categorized by the name of the concert. This makes it easy to delete the list after the concert, unless the customer wants to receive information about similar concerts in the future.
  • A template is created in Oslo Philharmonic’s Mailchimp account. Here they can add information about each concert manually. It was requested that this could be done manually, which is why this part is not automated. This gives Oslo Philharmonic full control over the specific content for each concert.
  • An email with correct information is sent to customers who have purchased tickets, 2 weeks before the concert date.
  • For customers who purchase a ticket less than 2 weeks before the concert, the email is sent daily.
  • This process is the same for all concerts managed by Oslo Philharmonic, and as a customer, you only receive emails about the concert you have purchased a ticket to.

Marketing Automation

Email addresses and editorial content used to require a lot of manual work, but today these actions can be automated. With this new solution, you won’t only get an automation, but the customer privacy policy is also adhered to: no email addresses will be shared. Straightforward, seamless, informative and relevant for the subscriber. The solution is also in accordance with GDPR, which is not only important, but required by law.

By using Mailchimp to inform customers after they have made a purchase, instead of pushing emails with information which might not be relevant, we have taken the newsletter to a whole new level. It is premium customer service: A personalized newsletter which focuses on the individual customer’s interest and experience.

And as we all know: A satisfied customer is a customer who is likely to come back! Oslo Philharmonic sells an experience. Their priorities are professionalism and quality. That’s why it is extra important to bring these values into the purchasing process and information about the concert.

A solid solution for a quality conscious customer!