UI/UX Designer

To our new web designers:


We develop and operate digital sales- and marketing-solutions like websites, online stores and integrations. In addition to this, we help our customers create traffic using SEO, and increase their marketing efforts and improve the customer journey using Mailchimp. We partner with Google, Mailchimp and Visma.

We are 5 full-time employees, in addition to a handful freelancers, and we have offices in the brand new building, Asker Tek, five minutes from the train station. We can offer an inclusive working environment with room for diversity and creativity. We’ll give you room to use your brain, in fact, we’re absolutely dependent on the fact that you’re independent, as well as able to work well with your new colleagues. It’s also important that you know who you are and what you want from life. This job can turn into 2 hours, 40 hours, or even more per week. It’s all up to you.


You’re a creative soul, with a digital mind. Your ideas are well thought through, and you often bring new perspectives to the table. You’re always ready to take the next step, and get impatient when things take too long. You want something to happen, now!


Whether you have 10 years experience or not, you should have accomplished something you’re really, really proud of, that you can’t wait to show us.


You understand what I mean when I ask you to create a framework or a prototype, and you’ve experienced working with challenging clients. Your resume is not filled with pretty filler-words like “proactive”, “energetic” and “hardworking”; you value action more than words. Conversely, you have experience or knowledge with kanban, scrum, waterfall and lean.


We eat breakfast together every Friday, which is an important part of our culture, and you’re hereby invited. We’d like to know who you are, even when the interview process is complete. Who knows, maybe you like us so much that you’d never want to leave?


Send me something about yourself; call, text, email, send a letter, message on Facebook or LinkedIn – or do something completely different. Show me how creative you can be!

– Claus

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Claus Lorentzen, CEO

Claus Lorentzen,